My name is Teresa Jaldón, I am an Andalusian artist. Mother of two wonderful daughters.

I currently live in Amsterdam and it is in this city that I have developed artistically, as a Flamenco dancer/teacher with my own dance school   and as a designer and illustrator.

Art and dance are my way of life.

I started to design feeling the need to find a more natural, versatile, comfortable and original alternative to dancewear, a wardrobe that you can also use for your day to day life.

Dressed to dance life!

As a dancer I used my knowledge of dance, body and movement to design clothes that make me feel beautiful and comfortable on stage as anywhere else. Designing minimalist cut patterns that will fit all silhouettes. No zips or buttons, the fabric itself naturally adapts to your figure!

This is how my first design was born in 2016, the TEDRESSS®, an elegant and comfortable dress for all occasions and also for dancing!

Our workshop is located in Amsterdam, where we lovingly make our clothes.

Creating with freedom timeless and special collections whose aim is that the garments are part of you, you make them beautiful! and knowing that with our small local production and with ecovero certified fabrics, we respect our planet.

“My ultimate goal is for my customers to wear a garment that makes them feel special. With that bohemian and flamenco touch that is my way of seeing life”.

Dedicated always to all the powerful women, artists of life!

Lots of love
Teresa Jaldón