I have always been surrounded by things that make life beautiful: travel, music, dance… and people that leave their soul on what they do.
My favourite place when I was a kid was my aunt Loli’s sewing room in a small and very flamenco  birthplace,
Huelva, a harbour city in Andalusia.

My memories of that place are transferred into
the FlamencoFamily clothes.

Dance, to draw and to create has always been my passion,  parallel to my work as a flamenco dance teacher , I started to conceive the idea  to create fashion inspired by flamenco art  without cliché . 

Clothes that you can use it both to dance and to go out or just to feel good.

Clothes that will make you feel comfortable and that you can wear anywhere  with character, clothes that are authentic and organic, not only because of the materials used to make them, but also because of the way they are made, with care and transparency throughout the entire supply chain.

We work with noble products and high quality fabrics certified: WOOL, BAMBOO, COTTON AND SILK. 

We design  with great care and we make your clothes in our atelier in Amsterdam &  Andalusia.

Now we form a  big flamencofamily of artists who  have collaborate with us   : Rocio Marquez ( Flamenco singer ), Shishani Vranckx (songwriter ) , Susana Raya (songwriter, musicus ) , Mariana Hutchinson ( violist )…

We made are few pieces of each model, we want you to feel unique.


We put a lot of love and passion in all our products.

Gracias y mucho amor,
Teresa J Walls ,  Flamenco Dancer  &   FlamencoFamily founder